What's new with Joel E. Silver?

Hair and La Boheme are uploaded!

It has been forever since my last update and I thought I would let you know what I am up to. I just uploaded photos of the Hair 2nd National Tour that I lit for Big League Theatricals this winter as well as La Boheme which I lit for Opera Memphis and Director Ned Canty. Check them out and let me know what you think.

   Current projects are keeping me very busy! Up next is a new musical called F#@king Up Everything by Eric Davis and Sam Forman and directed by Jen Wineman. We will be starting performances March 15th at the Elektra Theatre at Times Scare in NYC. Come check us out.

    My upcoming schedule is really exciting and I am looking forward to some new challenges. After FUE I will move back into the world of opera for a production of The Marriage of Figaro at NYU Steinhardt and directed by Dal Norris. Then I am back into corporate lighting for a bit with projects for SAP Software and HP. After that I am off to Rio for the Brazilian Premier of In The Heights with the wonderful team from Salgado Productions.

    Lots going on and I am sure that I will have lots to report. Keep in touch and I can't wait to show you what is going on. Until next time...


JESLD Update - August 2012

   Hello Out There in Internet land.... Its a very busy time in show business this year and I am happy to say that I have finally gotten a chance to update my website. In the projects section you will find 3 new galleries of projects so check them out!

   First up was last summer's production of A Hatful of Rain which I lit both here in NY as well as in Warsaw, Poland at the ITself festival for The Lee Strasberg Insitute. Second was a production of Tosca at Opera Memphis with director Matthew Lata. Finally was an exciting new musical called Tokio Confidential with director Johanna McKeon and author Eric Shorr.

   This fall I am working as the Associate to Kevin Adams on a new production of Blue Man Group in Las Vegas as well as relighting the American Idiot 2nd National tour which will head off to the UK. After those projects wrap up I will be lighting a new production of La Boheme at Opera Memphis under the direction of Ned Canty and finish up the year lighting the 2nd National tour of Hair for Big League Productions.

   Stay Tuned for more updates as it is going to be a very busy Fall of 2012 and I hope to have more to update you on soon.

Camelot and Candela

Just opened Camelot at the John W. Engeman Theatre with director Alan Souza and I am happy to say that it really went wonderfully. Its a beautiful production and I hope that you will go check it out on Long Island... It will be running into November. Check out the pictures in Projects - Musicals...

   I also recently uploaded pictures from Candela: Fuerza and Pasion. This was a wonderful evening lenth dance piece that I designed for Director Luis Salgado in Lima, Peru. Quite the amazing journey thru the culture and history of Peru with an amazing group of people... Check out the pictures in Projecs - Dance.

  Next up will be a trip back to Memphis for a production of Tosca with Opera Memphis directed by Matthew Lata... More to come as I get further into the process. Hope that you enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think.

New Shows in the Projects Area

I am happy to say that I have finally gotten around to uploading some more shows to the website. Take a look! Most recently added are Educating Rita, a play that I designed at the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston for director Maria Aitken, and Sweeney Todd, a musical that I designed at NYU's Steinhardt School of Music for director William Wesbrook. Enjoy!

Update on upcoming Projects

  Lots of things are going on these days which are keeping me very busy and its time to do an update here!

   I just got back from Warsaw, Poland taking a production of A Hatful of Rain to the ITSELF festival. Great fun and a wonderful production by the dedicated company from the Lee Straberg Institute. Congratulations to Johanna McKeon(Director), Jacob Climer(Set and Costumes) and the whole team on taking Poland by storm!

  Next up I am off to Glens Falls, NY for a production of a new musical called Hello Out There by Eric Price and Franky Terry with direction by Benjamin Endsley Klein. The show is being produced by the Adirondak Theatre Festival and is a lot of fun. I hope to have some fun pictures of the show to share soon and if you find yourself in beautiful Upstate NY come check it out!

  Other upcoming projects include a new evening length dance project in Peru called Candela choreographed and directed by Luis Salgado. This fall I will be lighting a new production of Camelot for the John W. Engeman Theatre directed by Alan Souza, as well as my return to Opera Memphis for a production of Tosca directed by Matthew Lata.

   Lots of really interesting work going on and I hope that you will check out these new wonderful productions and come back and visit the web site to check out the pictures after they are up and running.