Camelot and Candela

Just opened Camelot at the John W. Engeman Theatre with director Alan Souza and I am happy to say that it really went wonderfully. Its a beautiful production and I hope that you will go check it out on Long Island... It will be running into November. Check out the pictures in Projects - Musicals...

   I also recently uploaded pictures from Candela: Fuerza and Pasion. This was a wonderful evening lenth dance piece that I designed for Director Luis Salgado in Lima, Peru. Quite the amazing journey thru the culture and history of Peru with an amazing group of people... Check out the pictures in Projecs - Dance.

  Next up will be a trip back to Memphis for a production of Tosca with Opera Memphis directed by Matthew Lata... More to come as I get further into the process. Hope that you enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think.