Art Tatum: Piano Starts Here

Show Title: 
Art Tatum: Piano Starts Here
Directed by: 
Tre Garrett
Projections by: 
Austin Switser
Produced by: 
Zenph Studios
Lighting Design by: 
Joel E. Silver

This production, at the Historic Apollo Theatre in Harlem, was a showcase of a new technology by Zenph Studios that allows a piano to recreate the exact performances of a musician through a new cutting edge technology. The piece tells the fictional tale of a "Doc," a Harlem Bar Owner, from the time he met Art Tatum at Grand Central Station thru his famous concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and finally through to his death and funeral.

  The production used lighting and projections to create all of the various locations that Art travelled thru during the telling of the story. We travel to so many locations and environments throughout the show while still staying rooted in the 125th Street Club that started it all. I found it very important to keep the focus specific to Doc and to support the tone of the piece thru color and texture. In the story we followed Art all over the country, but were, like Art, always rooted in the Jazz clubs of his youth.