Calvin Klein at Magic

Show Title: 
Calvin Klein at the Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas
Lighting Design by: 
JKLD, Inc and Joel E. Silver

  The booth for Calvin Klein was a project that I lit with Jan Kroeze at JKLD, Inc. Together Jan and I worked with the folks at Calvin Klein to create a warm and inviting evironment for their clients to experience the Calvin Klein brand. We specified everything from the Architectural Recessed lighting to the Accents on each table and on the various showcased products. Our main goal was to take Calvin Klein's clients out of a "convention center" and into an inviting and comfortable place with which to experience the CK brand as well as create a comfortable environment to talk to the representatives of the company.

  The booth was located in the middle of the Exhibit space and became a destination on the show room floor. Its grand presence in the room coupled with its intimate and focused interior space made it one of the most visited booths on the show room floor.