Connecticut College Capital Campaign Celebration 2013

Show Title: 
Connecticut College Capital Campaign Celebration 2013
Produced by: 
Xplore Productions
Lighting Design by: 
Joel E. Silver

5 Years after the launch of the capital campaign Xplore Productions and JESLD returned to the campus of Connecticut College for a campus wide celebration of the successful end of their fundraising drive. The weekend was filled with events all over the campus, but the focal point was a large Tri-Span tent in the center of the quad that housed several events for the weekend. The tent was designed to be a glowing beacon on the campus for the weekend and draw the community to the celebration. Presentations inside the tent included speeches by members of the campus community, guest artist live performances, as well as student group performances.

  In addition to the entertainment of the weekend, JESLD also provided lighting to create an elegant evening for the major donors to the campaign. This involved a cocktail reception and dinner in a glass tent positioned across the quad from the Tri-Span tent. Together with Xplore Productions we positioned the guests dining tent in such a way that the glowing and branded Tri-Span tent, along with the campus and moonscape, was the backdrop for the evening.