Connecticut College Gala

Show Title: 
Connecticut College Capital Campaign Gala 2008
Produced by: 
Xplore Productions
Lighting Design by: 
Joel E. Silver

   In the fall of 2008 Connecticut College kicked off a capital campaign to solidify their endowment for the future. JESLD was brought in by Xplore Productions to bring an elegant ambiance to the evening. The design was conceived to highlight the beauty of the natural surroundings at Connecticut College. The exterior of the tent was lit to evoke the fall folliage blowing in the breeze all around the campus. The interior dinner tent was lit to evoke the power and majesty of the Thames River that ran just outside of the site. The cocktail and dessert tent was lit in a fall foliage motif to create a warm and inviting space for the attendees to relax.

   The Capital Campaign was launched, with great success, on the first evening. For the second evening, we turned the space into a warm and celebratory place for the Annual CISLA banquet. CISLA is a Connecticut College Study Abroad scholarship program. The evening was to celebrate and learn about the past year's study abroad students. I complemented the evenings with warm and welcoming tones to accent the return of these exceptionally talented students to Connecticut College.