F#@king Up Everything

Show Title: 
F#@king Up Everything
Directed by: 
Stephen Brackett
Choreographed by: 
Danny Mefford
Scenery by: 
Daniel Zimmerman
Costumes by: 
Jessica Pabst
Music by: 
David Eric Davis
Lyrics by: 
David Eric Davis
Book by: 
David Eric Davis and Sam Forman
Produced by: 
Jeremy Handelman/Off The Leash Productions, LLC
Lighting Design by: 
Joel E. Silver

   F#@king Up Everything is a new musical that I lit at the New York Musical Festival. Can Christian Mohammed Schwartzelberg stay true to himself and still get the girl? Or will he lose her to the guy in the leather pants? Set against the backdrop of Brooklyn's indie music scene with a gallery of hipsters, stoners, artists, cougars, songwriters, and puppeteers, F@king Up Everything is a rock musical comedy with heart... and Ironic T-Shirts.

  With Scenic Design by Daniel Zimmerman and Costumes by Jessica Pabst the design world of F#@king Up Everything is focused on the Brooklyn Music Scene. I approached the design of the show by keeping the book scenes simple and focusing on establishing the setting, time of day, and mood thru color and texture. As the characters stepped out of the reality of the show and into their own internal monologues and hightened emotional numbers the lighting followed suit and grew to a more active part of the visual of the production thru a rock and roll concert style.

Photos by Jeremy Handelman