Show Title: 
Directed by: 
E. Randahl Hoey
Scenery by: 
Josh Zangen
Costumes by: 
Erika Lilienthal
Written by: 
Daniel Algie
Lighting Design by: 
Joel E. Silver

Homefront is an intensely emotional and tragic new play by Daniel Algie that follows the trials and tribulations of a family that has been separated from their father and husband. Harrison, the husband and a solidier in the Vietnam War, has been missing in action for 7 years and the play deals with a family coping with the loss of their loved one. Meg, the wife and mother, has been driven to the edge by her longing for the man she loves and dreams of her husband returning home. Harrison suddenly returns from the war, a changed man. The family slowly learns about Harrison's experiences over his time in captivity and realize just how changed he is.