Run For Your Wife

Show Title: 
Run For Your Wife
Directed by: 
BT McNichol
Scenery by: 
Court Watson
Costumes by: 
Gail Baldoni
Written by: 
Ray Cooney
Produced by: 
The John W. Engeman Theatre at Northport
Lighting Design by: 
Joel E. Silver

Run For Your Wife is a hilarious British farce by Ray Cooney written in 1983. The story revolves around taxi driver John Smith who, at rise, we discover has had quite the eventful night on the road. We discover John being brought home after spending the night in the emergency room. He got hit by a little old lady that he tried to help get away from muggers. We quickly come to realize that John is not as ordinary as he seems and has been secretly living a double life with two wives in two different apts in London. The audience watches as John tries desperately to keep his secret in tact with hilarious results.

  The staging of the play and the nature of the fast paced dialogue of the script led me to bring a lot of energy to the production. The play starts at dawn and works its way thru the day to sunset that evening. I used the two full length windows to help establish the time of day and then turned my attention to keeping the energy of the room up. I used several different angles and colors of light to pull the cast away from the very busy background and keep them clear for the rapid fire dialogue.

Photos Courtesy of Court Watson